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"Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

Food For Thought

An in-depth view of some highlights from my resume.

Work Experience

MI Representative Brett Roberts

2015: For a summer I spent a couple days a week as a general Intern for Michigan State Representative Brett Roberts. The summer months are during legislative recess when the representatives are generally back home in their districts and no new legislation is proposed. Because of this, I primarily performed constituent outreach tasks. I spent time in-district knocking on doors and speaking with constituents both face-to-face and on the phone about their concerns. In addition to this I wrote congratulatory notes on behalf of the representative. Finally, I stayed up-to-date about everything going on in the representative's district in order to give him the most recent information about potential press events, significant incidents, and noteworthy accomplishments, hardships, and milestones in his constituents' lives.

Bill & Paul's Sporthaus

2012-2018: I began in 2012 when I was attending community college and continued working there while attending Alabama  when I was home for breaks. B&P is consistently rated among the top local outdoor retailers in the country by national magazines and surveys alike due to a commitment to customer service and extensive product knowledge and experience.

I began as a Salesman where I was tasked with learning about every product in the store, selling to the individual customer's needs and building lasting relationships with them. I love working with people and have never fully left the sales position. I have added to it though. For a summer, while home from college, I served as the Director of Web-Marketing and Customer Service. Immediately following college I went back to this role and worked on an in-house team. My responsibilities included: online & traditional content creation, maintaining the website, creating emails for our customer list, fulfilling online orders, and handling customer service questions and concerns. Most recently, I worked on building a Google AdWords campaign to increase brand awareness .

Tennessee Republican Party

2018: I worked as the highest performing Field Organizer (by total contacts reached) in Tennessee during the 2018 mid-term elections.  Some notable campaigns that I assisted on are Marsha Blackburn for the U.S. Senate, Bill Lee for governor, Dr. Mark Green for the U.S. House of Representatives, among a number of local races for state representative and mayoral candidates. 

My primary responsibility was the daily collection of voter data via telephone and face-to-face interactions with constituents. I was able to achieve the highest number of contacts by being surrounded by a fantastic team, using my time wisely, and being innovative in finding efficient strategies to exceed my weekly goals. 

In addition to that, I also assisted in the coordination and mobilization of grassroot volunteer efforts by training them on our system, organizing walkbooks, and working with teams to knock as many doors as possible. Finally, I helped organize and attended campaign events, fundraisers, party meetings, and other events for the candidates.

Computer Knowledge

Adobe Creative Cloud

I have been using the Adobe Creative Cloud programs ever since a middle school yearbook class back in 2007. Since then I have used them consistently throughout my personal, academic, and professional stages of life. I am most proficient at using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. I am always excited to learn new techniques and constantly improve my work.


I really dove into WordPress during my time with Alchemist Branding. I used it while working with a team of people to create brand-driven websites for our clients. Due to this work I am very familiar with the general operations of WordPress as well as a number of different Plugins. Working as a team allowed me to learn from my coworkers far faster than if I had been working alone.  The team culture also gave us an avenue to discuss new ideas and improve on how we all use WordPress as a tool.

Microsoft Office Suite

I am fortunate to have never known an academic or professional life without the Microsoft Office Suite. I have been learning and using the various programs since all the way back in the early days of elementary school. I am the most experienced with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Skype.

Academics & Leadership

Order of Omega

I was initiated into Order of Omega in the spring of 2016. It is a national honor society that is exclusive to the top 3% of greek-affiliated students on a campus.

This ranking is determined from academics, community service, campus leadership positions and involvement, and leadership roles in the greek community. At the time of my initiation the final 3% were chosen from over 10,000 greek members enrolled at the university.

"Whatever you are, be a good one." 

- Abraham Lincoln

Sigma Tau Gamma

I was initiated into Sigma Tau Gamma in 2014. I wasted little time in taking on leadership roles when I was appointed as the Fundraising Chair, a position where I was responsible for organizing fundraising events for the national philanthropy - Special Olympics. Shortly after that I was also appointed to the Formal Chair position. I was tasked with the coordination of transportation, lodging, two venues and meals, and entertainment for the weekend. All of this while keeping the event within budget. The next year I was in charge of New Member Education. In this role I helped new members adjust to college, develop study habits, learn the history and traditions of the organization, and become acquainted with campus life. At this point, I was nominated by the National President to serve as the Credentials, Resolutions, & Laws Committee Chairman. I was responsible for leading the committee that was doing a major rewrite of the national constitution and reviewing proposed procedural changes to make sure they were in line with the constitution. At the annual shareholders-style meeting I presented the proposed changes and conducted the room and voting according to Parliamentary Procedure. The final position I held was Chapter President. While serving in this role I acted as the liaison between the university, the larger national organization, and the chapter. I provided the vision and direction for the chapter, oversaw the vice presidents, had final say on the $380,000 yearly budget, and made sure everything stayed on-brand for both the overall and local organizations.

Student Government Association

I became involved in the Student Government Association at Alabama my first semester on campus. My first role was as a Senate Page where I helped senators research and write legislation. The following year won an elected campaign to represent the College of Communication & Information Sciences as a Senator. Legislation and endeavors I wrote and pursued, respectively, include: lobbying for local ordinance changes to bring ride-sharing to Tuscaloosa, make campus more handicap-accessible, lower the cost of textbooks, and help foster a culture of diversity on campus, among other things. The following year I served as the Deputy Director of Communications. I was second-in-command for overseeing all of the communications (emails, social media posts, campaigns for initiatives, etc.) that came from the SGA. When necessary, I attended executive board meetings, and met with the heads of the different cabinets to determine the best course of action for rolling out their new initiatives. 

In addition to these official positions I was a part of three campaigns. The first was my own where I campaigned to thousands of students over the course of a week and a half and sold my ideas and brand to them. While doing so we had honest conversations about the state of affairs on campus and what needed to improve. The second campaign I worked on was for someone running for the Vice President of Financial Affairs. I acted as her speech writer and debate prep instructor. She went on to win more votes than any individual in the history of school elections! Lastly, I served as the PR/Social Media strategist and as one of three graphic designers for a winning presidential campaign.


Humane Society - West Alabama

While living in Alabama I spent time volunteering at the Humane Society of West Alabama. This included participating in service days to improve the property, attending and helping organize fundraisers, playing with the animals to keep them conditioned to human interaction, and opening my apartment to host animals when workers felt they needed some time away! All of these jobs were incredibly rewarding, but then again, who doesn't love spending time with animals?

Habitat for Humanity

Beginning in 2009 I have done work with Habitat for Humanity. My responsibilities have included: collecting donations from the general public, soliciting businesses for both monetary and in-kind donations, and participating with hands on building. Since I can remember I have always loved working with my hands and the satisfaction that goes along with building something, so the on-site work is especially enjoyable for me.

RISE Center

The RISE Program is an organization that is funded by and located at the University of Alabama. It is an early childhood education program that serves predominately (but not exclusively) children with disabilities and their families.

As a volunteer I spent most of my time interacting with the students and playing developmental games with them. Being around such great people and getting to know them was a truly incredible and humbling experience.


Sigma Tau Gamma Hall of Fame Inductee

Inducted into the national organization's hall of fame along with nine other graduating undergraduate members. Chosen out of 2,500+ eligible candidates. 

Inductees were chosen based on  the candidate's academics, campus and community involvement, service, leadership positions, a nomination letter, an interview process, and a proven commitment  to living a life according to the organization's 6 core principles.

Alabama Interfraternity Council 2016 President of the Year

Award voted on by each of the presidents from the 33 fraternal organizations on campus, the council's executive board, and university administrators. 

 This is the award that I am most proud of because it was awarded to me by peers that I hold in high regard.

Eagle Scout - Boy Scouts of America

A rank that I earned after being a member of the Boy Scouts of America for nearly 12 years. Through those years I maintained a constant drive to continue growing through the organization. I was nominated and  initiated into the Order of the Arrow - the 'National Honor Society' of scouting. The final rank was achieved by organizing and leading a service project which made improvements to our local theater that brought it up to the city's fire code standards.

Think About It

Now that you have a sense of what I've done and where I come from I'll take this opportunity to provide some context for it all:

I am certainly proud of the positions I've held and the accolades I have collected. However, I am significantly more proud of what lead me to them. Being appointed or elected to a position means that the work I had put in beforehand was done well and that my vision for the future of the position or organization was strong enough that my peers were willing to trust that I would continue to find success and fuel growth.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had the experiences and successes that I have and can confidently say that it would not have been possible without the support, help, and collaboration from a lot of incredible people. Through the example these people have set, the feedback they have provided, and the encouragement they have shown I have learned an incredible amount about leadership, professionalism, and life in general. 

One of my biggest takeaways from these lessons and experiences is that a position does not make a leader. Rather, it comes from acting with integrity, kindness, maintaining an open mind, and a lot of hard work. No matter the job or position I am in, I fully intend to work with this idea as the foundation for my actions. My experiences have also taught me that no matter how much I think I know or how good at something I think I am there is always more to learn and ways to improve. This concept makes me excited to get up everyday and continue learning and growing in all aspects of life!


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